Freedom of Press walks hand in hand with Freedom of Fear

Freedom of Press walks hand in hand with Freedom of Fear

A call for reflection to the Interamerican Society of Press (SIP) --- *Four basic freedoms unite in the pursuit of the wellbeing of man --- *Universal Human Rights prohibit torture and degrading treatment

ORANJESTAD (AAN) — Much to our regret, the misinterpretation of Freedom of Press, again becomes a weapon against the wellbeing of man.

In addressing ourselves to SIP today, we refer to the common fights DIARIO delivered with your society in the international fight against suppression of the Right of Speech of every individual in accordance with democracy.

Ever since the start of DIARIO, the fight against man’s greatest enemy has been a common and uniting element in our relationship with SIP.

Journalism was meant to be the guardian of basic human rights, thus man’s most important tool to achieve personal and common happiness.

Journalism has no right of existence, if not in direct service of the wellbeing of man, dependent of four basic freedoms, linked in an inseparable way.

To serve democracy, the Universal Human Rights must be observed in order to arrive at the common purpose of happiness of all men without discrimination.

Democracy should be observed as the common and personal happiness of men, respectful of Law and Order, governing a free community.

No community is free without Law and Order, the tools to arrive at Justice towards man and his community.

Freedom of Speech (Press), Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Fear and Freedom of Want are directly connected in a democratic community, not able to permit abuse against any citizen, regardless position, financial resources, age, health or any other parameter.

A democratic society does not allow freedom of press to become a tool to destroy human beings, abusing the opportunity granted to journalists to serve the community.

At present, abusive behavior of so called “members of the press” resulted in a direct hit of the human rights of the Prime Minister of Aruba.

The Fifth Human Right clearly underlines the right of any citizen to be protected against torture and degrading treatment.

Pornography was used by so called journalists of an Online News Provider, as a weapon to destroy the image of the Prime Minister of Aruba.

This action stands in direct conflict with the moral standard of the People of Aruba, the Universal Rights of Man, and the only legitimate reason for existence of the Right of Speech, Freedom of Press and the wellbeing of man.

As we are given to understand, the Interamerican Society of Press will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Aruba, due to accusations we are unable to confirm and we are hereby rejecting, based on our daily experience with the Prime Minister of Aruba.

Since freedom can only be obtained  through honesty, decency, respect, the highest moral values set forth in governing laws and rulings, we hereby present to the Interamerican Society of Press the need of helping us create a renewed, solid, framework to prevent the abuse of Freedom of Press, the horror of victims supposed to be served by democracy, by the Universal Rights of Man, the starting point of all freedoms leading to the defense of the dignity of man!