Henk Stanley Vreeswijk

Henk Stanley Vreeswijk

Adyossi na wan wortu di tranga fu taki ,Te mi luku ala den mati fu mi dya

Ma mati un no mu’ broko ,no broko mi hati. Beca mi srefi mi sari fu leb’ un tu

Famiri mi de begi oh un no mu’ krey, Beca m’o leb’ un fu so wan langa ten

Ma mu prakseri tak wan gado de nam’ tapu.

Un mu begi en beca na en mu trowstu mi. 

We will always remember your smile,

Your caring heart, that warm embrace you have always given us.

You have always been there for all of us. But now it's time for you to go.

You have filled our lives with beautiful memories.

But God needs you home. He needs another angel around the throne.

We love you papa, our hero and now

our angel in heaven. 

Rest in peace papa until we meet again. 

With great sadness, we announce the loss of our beloved father. 

Mr. Henk Stanley Vreeswijk

At the age of 66 years. 

In the Name of His:


†Betsy Draibas


†Dolly Vreeswijk 


Gloria Vreeswijk 


Satesh Vreeswijk

Natasha Vreeswijk

Audrey Vreeswijk

Leon Vreeswijk 

Like a son:

Gregory Vreeswijk 

Son in - laws:

Byron Plaza

Noe Camara 

Daughter in - laws:

Lysadra Vreeswijk

Ranita Permaul


Ricardo Vreeswijk, Gregorio Chung, Anthony Chung,

Joshua Permaul, Brandon Plaza, Christian Vreeswijk, Michael Camera 


Jennifer Vreeswijk, Kimberly Plaza, Julia Permaul 


†Loyd Vreeswijk and †Kenneth Vreeswijk


†Tina Vreeswijk, †Irene Vreeswijk, Cynthia Vreeswijk, Dorethy Vreeswijk, Rita Vreeswijk. 

Brother in-laws:

Roy Limon, Steven Seedo and Arno Bacas. 

Sister in-laws: 

Anneke Benschop, Christine Limon and Karolina Severino. 


Michael Starke, Ivmarell Carillo, Jamsi Vreeswijk,

Benny Vreeswijk, Oscar, Giamo Bacas and Glermo Limon 


Abigail Limon, Darnisha Limon, Anastacia Starke, Amsia Vreeswijk,

Cindy Vreeswijk, Tatjana Vreeswijk, Sulaica Bacas, Angelique Vreeswijk,

Imani Seedo, Angela Vreeswijk Jessica Dirksen and Gabriella Odor. 

Nephews and Nieces:

In Suriname, Holland. 


Esme Draaibas 

Like a sister:

Jane Vanvaarseveld, Luz Kishna, Ruth Swamipersad, Rossiel Colmenares. 

Like a brother:

John Kishna, Simon Vanvaarseveld, Romeo Swamipersad. 

Families and Friends in Suriname, Holland, Guyana, Aruba, America & Colombia:

Draaibas, Benschop, Vreeswijk, Salons, Kishna, Plaza,Camara, Vanvaarseveld,

Colmenares , Decuba, Peterson, Muniram, Permaul, Swamipersad, Daal, 

Lalbahadur, Baghello, Rupnarain , Baboolal , Chander, Chung en Odor. 

We apologize if in our sadness we forget one or another family member or name. 

Condolences will be on Saturday, September 23, 2023, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Aurora Funeral Home 

The cremation service will be held at Aurora Funeral Home on Monday, September 25, 2023, from 9:00am to 11:00am.