Francisco “Chico” Arrindell

Francisco “Chico” Arrindell

“The Lord is my Sheppard I shall not want;”

With a saddened heart we announce the passing of our father, grandfather,

 uncle, cousin, neighbor, and friend: 

Francisco “Chico” Arrindell

*29-1-1927 - †04-9-2023 

Francisco Arrindell was preceded in death

by his wife Laurentine Bute-Arrindell

and son Geronimo “Jerry” Arrindell.

Left to mourn are:   

His children:

Patricia Arrindell

Francisca Arrindell

Carl Arrindell

Catherine Arrindell -Connor                          

Lissette Arrindell- van der Hage .

Arlene Bute- Meijerman

Bernard Hunt 

Son in laws:

Dick Meijerman, Raphael Conner, Erik van der Hage

Daughter in law:

Felicia Arrindell-Gil 


Steven Murray, Cherry Ann Arrindell, Michel and Robin Meijerman,

Jair Conner, Ithiel and Keziah Arrindell, Laura, Emma,

and Abraham van der Hage, Danielle Hunt,

Vanessa Hunt-van Delden and Jordon Hunt. 

Danielle Hunt- McBride 

Great -grandchildren:

Cherie-nique Arrindell, Ricardo Arrindell,

Skylar McBride and Olivia van Delden 

Nieces and Nephews:

Carmen Bowers-Lake and family, Louisa Lake and family, Francisco Arrindell and Family

Toney Rohan and, Allan Evertz and family and many great nieces and nephews too numerous to mention.

God children:

Maria Gibbs-Jansen

Adonis Connor 

Close and dear cousins:

Merle, Rita and Beula Solomon in the US, Frank Arrindell and family,

Franklin and Hughes family in Anguilla, Ruth and Walter Martin  in the US,

Bernadine Arrindell in the Netherlands and Sherly Arrindell and Carmen Gumbs in Aruba Venda Baker

in St. Maarten and many more too numerous to mention. 

Close friends;

Gladys Gibbs and family, Margarita Gibbs and family,

Cinty and Max Gumbs and family Gassy Gibbs and family

Beatrice de Weever and family, Ramona Thomas and Leroy

 Daniel and Leona Romeo and all his lifelong neighbors of Rooi Congo

and many more close and dear friends in Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten Netherlands, and the United States 

A special thank you to his caregivers: Conroy and Loreta Witter, Gregory Maduro ,White and Yellow Cross nurses in Aruba. 

He was related to the Arrindell, Arnel, Franklyn, York, Buncamper,

Marlin, Hunt, Bute, Hughes, Illis, Conner, Solomons, Evertz, van der Hage,

Meijerman, Benjamin, Bute, Carty, Lake and Richardson family.

Opportunity for condolences on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at

The Olive Tree Funeral Care & Crematory in Sanicolas, Bernhardstraat 134 from 6pm – 8pm.

The Funeral Service will be on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at The Olive Tree Funeral Care

& Crematory in Sanicolas, Bernhardstraat 134 from 2pm – 4pm

follwed by the interment at Sabana Basora cemetery. 

If in our time of grief, we may have forgotten your name please know it was not intentional.