Clothilde Gertrude Ulalia Maria Marcus

Clothilde Gertrude Ulalia Maria Marcus

“I planned each charted course

Each careful step along thebyway

 And more, much more than thisI did it


Celebrating the life and peaceful home going of: 

Clothilde Gertrude Ulalia Maria Marcus

better known as "Maria or Nurse Marcus from Lago Hospital"

* 27 June 1921 -† 22 May 2023


†Omar Alphonso de Souza

†Mateo Reyes

† Robert McNaughton 


†Virgil da Silva 


† Hilda Sutherland 


†John Marcus 


  • Lorraine de Souza and children Saskia and Elmer
  • Philip and Ambar de Souza-Maduro, children Omar and Cathy, Brian and Bettina and grandchildren
  • Paul Reyes and children Kimberly, Tessa and Wesley and grandchildren
  • Richard and Lucila Reyes-Carvalho 

Nieces and nephews and other relatives in the USA, Canada, UK and Guyana. 

We will be celebrating her life on Thursday May 25th 2023, at Olive Tree Funeral Care &

Crematory, Bernhardstraat 134 from 2pm - 4pm followed by the internment at SabanaBasora. 

Our apologies if we may have forgotten other family members or friends.

I ask all of you to please wear something colorful. 

We wish to thank staff, doctors and personnel of Maristella

and its Wanglo wing for their loving care.