Broeder Daniel Alfonso van Heyningen

Broeder Daniel Alfonso van Heyningen

“I am willing to forgive myself & I am willing to forgive

all others of any perceived wrong doing” 

With immense sadness we announce the passing

of our husband, father, brother, uncle and cousin 

Broeder Daniel Alfonso van Heyningen


Sunrise: January 10th 1955

Sunset: October 21st 2021 

Left to mourn are his: 

Wife: Silvia I. van der Biezen 

Children: Sibelly van Heyningen

                Akili van Heyningen 

Siblings: Juffrouw Theresa van Heyningen

    Clemencia “Clem” van Heyningen

    Drs. Joan van Heyningen

    Austin “Aussy” van Heyningen & family 

Niece: Dianari and Javier Gomez-van Heyningen & family 

Nephew: Renato van Heyningen 

Brother & Sister in-laws: Albino & family, Diana, Elmira & family, Olivia & partner,

Vilma & husband, Rolando, Haime & family, Eric & family and Eugene & family 

Aunts:  Margaret Dubelotte & family (Greneda) & Viola Wilson-Richardson and family 

Uncle:  Maurice Vincent & family (Jamaica) 

Close friends: Lilian Bisnajack, Marisa Schmidth, Glen Steins, Lies Djoegan, Glenn & Victor Spanner and Venancio Murray 

He was related to: van Heyningen, Vincent, Noel, Ashby, Boating, Redhead, Alexander, Wilson, Richardson, Kingsale, Thomas, Gomez, Patterson, van der Biezen, Bromet, Millett, Martina and other families too numerous to mention.

Condolences will be held at Olive Tree Funeral Care & Crematorium from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Tuesday October 26th 2021 

Funeral will be held at Olive Tree from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Wednesday October 27th 2021 

Cremation will take place in close family circle

Funeral will be Zoomed