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Pareha turista di edad asalta banda di Hotelnan grandi

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PolicialORANJESTAD(AAN):Un pareha turista di edad halto a bira victima di atraco. Nan tabata canando cu tur confianza banda di Holliday Inn. Aki dos hoben basta jong a asalta e pareha y ranca nan tas core bai. Polis a wordo yama mesora. Strandpolitie a presenta pa atende cu e pareha victima.
Den e area ey no tin camara. Un di e hobennan tabata tin un short strepia roos. Un otro golpi pa nos mundo turistico. Un taxista tambe a ser atraca marduga. E TX-95 a subi un hende den auto y hibe pariba na Savaneta.
Aki el a ser asalta y un otro hende cu tabata wardando e pasahero asaltante a yuda su colega asaltante. Polis a ser yama. Aki tambe ta papia di atracadornan di edad hoben.

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  1. Where are we heading folks ? you can bring in as many new Carriers to fill your Hotel rooms but you need only a few of these negative happenings to bring it all down, Priority # 1 should be to protect your visitors ( your lifelyhood ) how come no cams are installed in this area ? this area between the hotel’s needs constant Police presence, have foot Patrol’s installed between these hotels so the visitor feels safe, any amount of money spend for this is well spend, don’t go cheap on this one otherwise you will pay the price along the way, finally, have a high level meeting setup between Police & OM and have new laws established pertinent to this matter, have the punishment for these type of crimes increased in such a way that they will think twice before trying to commit an asault again, remeber, this is your main source of income and you have the right to protect it with every means possible, and another thing, if it involves foreigners have them deported ( after serving time of course ) and blacklist them forever.

  2. Tanten cu NO bin “Edificio equipa completamente” pa Rehabilitacion “Y” Profesionalnan di Exterior pa Yuda e Adictonan ► E cos aki lo bira PIO ► Garantisa. Ta LOGICO toch cu mas y mas nan bira y “MAS VIOLENTO” tambe paso antes tawata solamente bieuwnan awo ► TA hobennan y “SIN” tino ariba dje!!


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